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Vasthu for Guest Room

vasthuIn Indian culture guests are welcomed with open hands. There are stories which will explicate how the hospitality of the ancient Indians knew no bounds and they went on to sacrifice anything for the sake of guests. If you look at the ancient architecture, you will find that, every house will have a verandah where the travelers, strangers and tramps can lie down and take rest. Furthermore, some donated necessary things to these strangers.

Even now this tradition lives on. To be in touch with the modernity, Indians have started to build houses with separate guest rooms. These rooms are also given much importance like any other room in the house. Its design, location and positioning should also be given utmost care. Vasthu Shastra has remarkable vasthu techniques for vasthu for Guest room. Vasthu consultants in Chennai will guide you through the way. Here are some tips for vasthu for guest room. Kindly look into the following things, while you plan your guest room.

  • Positioning of audio video systems

  • Positioning and direction of the windows

  • Paint colour of the room

  • Positioning of cupboard

For more personalized vasthu tips you can discuss with our vasthu experts in Chennai.

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